SŠ Veno Pilon Ajdovščina

The report of the project The Spring Day
Part One: On the 23rd of March 2004 at exactly 10 o'clock two students played the Hymn of Europe by Beethoven as a celebration of the Day of the Earth. In this way we joined the ringning of the bells all across Europe as well as in the UN. In this way we introduced our project to the rest of the school.

Part Two: On the 25th of March three classes presented the resultats of the survey which was done among the people in our region. The survey consisted of several questions, the aim of which was to find out the level of knowledge at entering Slovenia in the EU. It was interesting for everybody to hear the results because the survey was done amon different age groups as well as differnt level of education. The whole programme was interesting for both – for those who took part in it and for those who only listened. We all had a great benefit from it.

The results of the suvey and the celebration at our school were also shown on our local TV. There will also be an article about that published in a local newspaper.

Mentor teachers: Melita Lemut Bajec, Magdalena Božič, Tatjana Kodelja
SŠ Veno Pilon Ajdovščina
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